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Frugal Living Tip: Reuse Common Household Items



September 2015 Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Reuse Common Household Items

How Much Can You Save? $100 or more per month

Making It Work:

Reusing household items can help you save money every month. Before you throw something away, consider how you can get another use from it:

frugal living tip of the month - reuse common household items
1. Save your plastic and paper bags from the grocery store.

Instead of buying expensive garbage bags, you can reuse these bags.

➡ You can also reuse Ziploc bags that didn’t have meat, dairy, or sticky food inside. Wash the bags and let them dry completely before you try to use them again.

2. Reuse your old clothes.

Before you toss out the shirt with holes in it, you may want to give it another chance. Old clothes can be transformed into cleaning rags. Avoid wasting your money on brand new cleaning cloths from the store. Instead, cut up your old clothes and make a variety of rags.

3. Reuse your egg cartons.

They can be useful for a variety of household needs. You can store small items like buttons, jewelry, or beads in them. They can also be handy in the kitchen. You can also use them to freeze extra cookie dough or other small food items.

4. Save your cereal liner bags.

Once the cereal is gone, the bag can still be useful. Make sure to seal them well, so you can store meat, vegetables, or fruits. They can also be turned into icing bags.

5. Save your nylon mesh vegetable and fruit bags.

Have you recently bought fruits like oranges or grapefruit in a bright orange mesh bag?

➡ You can reuse the nylon mesh bags in several ways. They can be folded to make scrubbers. The nylon is strong and can remove tough stains. They can also be used as bird feeders. Fill them with suet cakes or other large bird food items.

Reusing household items can help you take control of your budget. You can save money by giving common items another life.


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