Financial Planning for Regular Folks
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Financial Advisor Warning Signs To Watch Out For

There are some obvious financial advisor warning signs to watch out for as you seek financial planning advice to help you better manage your personal finances. Yet, surprisingly, most people don’t really pay very close attention and can unwittingly find themselves in a relationship that isn’t what they wanted … or worse, one that is financially harmful. Full Post Here

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January Financial Planning Deals of the Month

Each month brings with it its own unique opportunities to save money on specific items and purchases. The month of January brings its own unique list of special values. Here are the January Financial Planning deals of the month to be on the look out for in January. Full Post Here

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Working in Retirement Is The New Reality

Working in retirement seems to be the new retirement planning strategy for many people. The state of the economy continues to have a ravaging effect upon the average person’s retirement plans … and working in retirement is the new reality for a startling percentage of the population. Consider these statistics… Full Post Here

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Financial Planning Fees and Charges – Do You Understand Them?

New 401(k) reporting rules in the U.S. are going to result in more transparency when it comes to financial planning fees and charges. This is a good thing since financial planning fees and charges are seldom well understood by the layman investor. In fact, much of the time, we are not even remotely aware of the full set of fees and charges built into our retirement saving and financial plans. Full Post Here

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